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Questions Regarding LSP Mode For JavaScript Development On Emacs, Specif

From: Samuel Banya
Subject: Questions Regarding LSP Mode For JavaScript Development On Emacs, Specifically MacOS
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 16:58:08 -0400
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Hey there,

Does anyone have a decent LSP config and workflow in terms of the specific LSP 
language servers they installed to actually make LSP work nicely on MacOS with 

I'm having not the greatest time doing so as the default one (I think it was 
'TL-LS' or something like that).

I'm trying to default to using just 'JavaScript Mode' with LSP but that's not 
working either. I ran into a weird issue with 'js2-mode' in which 'js2-mode' 
doesn't like private methods via '#' syntax, but am wondering if I should just 
use 'js2-mode' without LSP in this scenario.

More so, if I zoom in on a given frame, the 'Sideline' portion of LSP decides 
to freak out because it doesn't take width into account. I put this on their 
issues page but I doubt it'll be solved, and probably can only be solved by 
adjusting the font settings in my config accordingly somehow:

Here are the previous GitHub issues for comparison purposes:
*Wanted to know the following:*
 * Q1. Does anyone have a decent LSP config to look at?
 * Q2. Can anyone please state their workflow on how to install their chosen 
LSP server itself on MacOS?
 * Q3. Does anyone know how to determine the specific LSP server currently 
being used in Emacs?

I ask the third question because I was told that the following one would be 
decent for JavaScript:

My Emacs config can be found here:



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