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Editing Java (with LSP)

From: Alessandro Bertulli
Subject: Editing Java (with LSP)
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 15:43:46 +0200
User-agent: mu4e 1.6.11; emacs 28.1

Hi all!

I am struggling to instruct Emacs to properly assist me in writing Java
code. Whereas using C/C++ was a breeze, Java simply seems to be more
buggy. I explain: using the integrated server from lsp-mode seems to be
broken. I partially resolved it by manually dowloading a (much) newer
version of the server (which is jdtls). This seemed to solve part of the
problems, but the experience is still buggy. Completion often is not
triggered (not even by explicitly C-M-i), the server sometimes crashes,
and when I modify the buffer I need to write it before error
highlighting properly updates (for instance, if I modify a piece of code
who had an error, that point on screen is still highlightd as an error,
even if it's now in the middle of a word). Moreover, the indentation
sometimes doesn't work.

Now, it seems like:
- I am one of the very, very few people on Earth using Emacs to write
- I am the only one having problems.

Can you please give me your feedback? Does any of you write Java code?
How is it? Do you have the same problems too? If yes, have you found a
solution? Do you use LSP? Or some other package?

Note that my config is simply lsp-mode + lsp-java.

Thanks in advance!


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