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RE: [External] : Re: Package cl is deprecated

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [External] : Re: Package cl is deprecated
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 14:26:36 +0000

> > In addition to what I just asked, try adding the 
> > following to the top of your ~/.emacs.d/init.el:
> >   (setq force-load-messages t)
> > Then look in *Messages* for
> >   Loading 'cl'...
> I can't find the above line in *Messages*...

You can also try `C-h v load-history'.

Or type `load-history' in *scratch* (without the
quotes), put your cursor after that text, and use
`M-x pp-eval-last-sexp'.

Each of those shows you your complete history of
loading Elisp files.

Search the *Help* buffer (for `C-h v') or search
the *Pp Eval Output* buffer (for `pp-...') for
loading of cl.el[c].  Just before that you'll see
other loads - those can give you a hint of what
caused cl.el[c] to be loaded.

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