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Emacs 27 - Changing the "selective display character" (also called "elli

From: A M
Subject: Emacs 27 - Changing the "selective display character" (also called "ellipsis")
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2021 12:07:07 +0200
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I would like to change the "selective display character" (also called "ellipsis", default is "...") to some other character, an arrow character would be nice.

Up until Emacs 27, I used the code below in my init.el , it worked just great.

;Change the default selective display ("folding") character "..." to " »".
(set-display-table-slot standard-display-table
                        'selective-display (string-to-vector " »"))

With Emacs 27 this no longer works. I have tested by using 'selective-display' (C-x $) on my init.el as a simple test, I get the default "...".
Could you help me by providing a working method for Emacs 27?

Additional information:
I have noticed that some changes were introduced in Emacs 27 pertaining to Selective Display / Hidden Text. Some relevant links to the GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual:

Invisible Text - "Hiding part of the buffer text."
Selective Display - "Hiding part of the buffer text (the old way)."

Best Regards

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