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Setting outline headings

From: lisa-asket
Subject: Setting outline headings
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 03:55:01 +0200 (CEST)

I have various defvars which I use to set heading levels to

One of the defvars is `hstyle-levels`.  I also have
`hdlevels-superior` which is composed of two heading styles.

(defvar hdlevels-superior
  (append  ustyle-levels  canonical-levels)

  "Set canonical outline heading levels for texinfo major mode")

(defun outline-headings ()
  "Set outline headings."

  (let ( (hdlevels hdlevels-superior) )
    (setq outline-regexp
      (concat (regexp-opt (mapcar 'car hdlevels)) "\\>"))
    (setq outline-heading-alist hdlevels)) )

 (add-hook 'texinfo-mode-hook #'outline-headings)

I would like to have the capability for the function `outline-headings` to use 

`hstyle-levels` or `hdlevels-superior`; rather than just `hdlevels-superior`.  
I am 

also unsure if I should make the function interactive.

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