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Re: SQL (was:Re: UEFA Euro 2020 full Lisp computer)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: SQL (was:Re: UEFA Euro 2020 full Lisp computer)
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2021 18:35:57 +0200
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Jean Louis wrote:

> Most of SQL I am using programmatically, that is the easiest
> way. Once written SQL is automatically repeated thousands of
> times. This module makes it work:
> emacs-libpq @ Github
> Other way is to write SQL in sql-mode and evaluate it in SQL
> buffer. To start one can use M-x sql-postgres (or other
> database). No need for module doing it this way.
> You write files.sql just as usualy and you may evaluate it
> in SQL mode.

Thanks buddy, I save this article and return to it God willing
when I get tired/stuck on my other, SLIME/SDL/OpenGL/CL/SBCL
project :)

SQL is soo cool, I'd do it programmatically as well!

underground experts united

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