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Re: Which Elisp types are mutable?

From: Philipp
Subject: Re: Which Elisp types are mutable?
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2021 20:41:58 +0200

> Am 05.06.2021 um 21:19 schrieb Marcin Borkowski <>:
> On 2021-06-05, at 14:58, Philipp <> wrote:
>>> Am 05.06.2021 um 13:22 schrieb Marcin Borkowski <>:
>>> On 2021-06-03, at 14:11, Philipp <> wrote:
>>>>> Am 03.06.2021 um 06:03 schrieb Marcin Borkowski <>:
>>>>> Well, the subject says it all.  I could find an explicit, comprehensive
>>>>> list of mutable (or immutable) types in the Elisp manual.  Is it there
>>>>> somewhere?
>>>> Mutability is a property of objects, not types.
>>>> Some objects (numbers) are always immutable, others (markers, buffers, 
>>>> ...) are always mutable.  But objects of most "interesting" types 
>>>> (strings, lists, vectors, symbols) can be either mutable or immutable.
>>>> Some time ago, I filed 
>>>> to document which objects are mutable, but unfortunately it's not yet 
>>>> fixed.
>>> Thanks.  However, I still don't understand.  How can a list be
>>> immutable?  What about a string?  I thought these are _always_ mutable
>>> (although in some cases you must not mutate them, because if you do, bad
>>> things could happen
>> "You must not mutate them" is the definition of immutable.
> Well, in my book, "you can't mutate them" is.  You always /can/ mutate
> a string, but of you do it in certain circumstances, you're asking for
> trouble.

You can mutate all objects, because all of them are stored in mutable memory.
For a reference manual, "you're asking for trouble" isn't a terribly useful 

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