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Re: append, push, and add-to-list.

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: append, push, and add-to-list.
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2021 18:58:13 +0300
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* Hongyi Zhao <> [2021-07-04 16:52]:
> I'm curious why `add-to-list' must take 'company-backends, i.e.,
> (quote company-backends) as one of its argument, while the other
> functions can directly use the unquoted form.

It must not. But add-to-list is by tradition older and more used
function. And it will not require cl library such as `cl-pushnew'.

I am verifying:

(type-of company-backends) ⇒ cons

(company-bbdb company-eclim company-semantic company-clang
              company-xcode company-cmake company-capf company-files
              (company-dabbrev-code company-gtags company-etags
              company-keywords) company-oddmuse company-dabbrev)

This is the list, so you may use any method you wish to put elements
in the list.


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