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use SLIME/SDL2 from the VT

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: use SLIME/SDL2 from the VT
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2021 09:59:01 +0200
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Can you use SLIME/SDL2 from the Linux VT and pipe the graphics
to X, similar to what happens (sometimes) with the shell tools
if you set the DISPLAY=":0" environmental, or if the tool
comes with a -d option specifically for this (which SBCL

The below attempt doesn't work, what happens is that with or
without it SBCL tries and actually manages to write something
to the VT framebuffer, but then crashes.

Can it be done?

(setq slime-lisp-implementations
      '((sbcl ("sbcl" "--core" "/home/incal/cl/sbcl.core-with-swank")
              :env ("DISPLAY=\":0\"")
              :init (lambda (port-file _)
                      (format "(swank:start-server %S)\n" port-file) ))))

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