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Toggle appointment notification

From: pietru
Subject: Toggle appointment notification
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2020 04:47:55 +0100

Want to toggle between enable and disable appointment notification and have
put a defun as so below.  I reckon that both  appt-activate and appt-check
are needed but not absolutely aware of what and how they activate things
for appointments.

What would be a right approach to toggle between enable and disable using
a single key-sequence for my case here?

(defun diary-appt-ntf (n)
   "Switches diary appointment notification."

   (appt-activate n)  ; Activates diary appointment notification

   (if (< n 1)
     (appt-check 1)    ; Checks appointments and updates reminders.
     (appt-check nil)) ; Disables appt-check

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