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From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: bibtex-autokey-titleword-ignore
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 02:18:23 +0100
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I'm trying to get this to work - the last part, to not include
stuff within parenthesis:

(setq bibtex-autokey-titleword-ignore '("A" "An" "The" "(.*)"))

The regexp is correct, at least if this is an indicator:

(string-match "(.*)" "Kampen om Järntronen 3 (A Game of Thrones)") ; 23
                                             ^ 23 is here

but run it on this entry and the parenthesis stuff is still

  author     = {George R R Martin and Daniel Abraham and Tommy Patterson},
  isbn       = {978-91-980734-7-8},
  publisher  = {Apart},
  title      = {Kampen om Järntronen 3 (A Game of Thrones)},
  year       = {2014 (2014)}

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