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Re: Auto Fill Comments

From: Arthur Miller
Subject: Re: Auto Fill Comments
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 22:26:13 +0100
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Christopher Dimech <> writes:

>> Sent: Friday, November 27, 2020 at 8:03 PM
>> From: "Arthur Miller" <>
>> To: "Christopher Dimech" <>
>> Cc:
>> Subject: Re: Auto Fill Comments
>> Christopher Dimech <> writes:
>> > My experience has been that as I got to do more things in emacs lisp,
>> > the understanding needed quickly exceeded my rate of learning.
>> > One can get to sophisticated constructs, even when trying to do
>> > relatively simple things.  You never know where your original
>> > plan could get you. Many times the importance of a work is not
>> > measured by its consequences (i.e. by the final command).
>> That is probably because you try to do more difficult things then
>> before.
>> I have been using Emacs for like almost 20 years, and was enough with
>> setq-ing few variables, and wrapping ocassional few lines in a defun to
>> put it on a hook.
> I used to argue that code must be adequately commented.  Later on I realised
> that adequacy is determined by the skill of the reader.  Currently I advocate
> that code comments are to give an overview of the code to help you reduce
> the downtime required to work on the code after a time of inactivity.
> Documentation, however, is to be structured according to different levels
> of sophistication.  But I understand it could be a lot of work to complete.
> Was not my intention to deride anyone. but to describe how it is.  
> Documentation
> is always better than no documentation.  And everyone does as one can.

True. However, Emacs manuals are written by volunteers with limited
resources in their spair time (I hack Emacs as a hobby when I drink
coffee), so what is practical has also to be take into account. They
have to prioritize what level they put themselves on, especially Elisp

I think it currently has good balance between targetting basics and
advanced usage.

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