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Re: Auto Fill Comments

From: Arthur Miller
Subject: Re: Auto Fill Comments
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 19:30:59 +0100
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Jean Louis <> writes:

> * Arthur Miller <> [2020-11-27 19:43]:
>> I learned it through hacking init file, and I am not good at Emacs
>> internals, I don't have time to sitt hours and go through all
>> if-defs and thousands of lines of lisp. I wish I did. But when I
>> don't know how to do something, I ask, and if they tell me I don't
>> understand it or have missed it, I don't tell them they manual sux
>> or code is horribly structured. Sometimes error is in our selves, in
>> this case, Dimech is probably not used to read the technical manuals
>> and that's not more.
> I was asking different type of questions on #emacs IRC back in 2016,
> and back then I did not know hot to look into references to get myself
> Emacs insights. When one does not know where to look to there can be
> bunch of references but one cannot find it. Today I have different
> types of questions. There are progress stages for Emacs users.
> I can remember `info' and `man' from 1999 and 2000, I had confusion
> and did not understand why two systems. There was one time before that
> where I was learning GNU/Linux exclusively from books. At the time I
> did not know that `info' or `man' exists on system.

I remember myself too wondering why man and info back than. I never had
luxury of learning GNU/Linux from the books; I was too poor to invest in
those :-). I just looked into how things were done and was experimenting
and trying to get them do what I want them to do. If you look at my
emacs questions; I am still doing so :-)

> There are various stages that users pass through until they get
> it.
Indeed; so is with everything in life.

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