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Re: Org Capture Template

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Org Capture Template
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 09:30:01 +0300
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* <> [2020-11-27 09:14]:
> Yes, it seems better to do  one long string, it was how I was doing things.
> Afterwards, I thought that concat could help me to indent the string for cases
> where it is too long.  Is there any other way to be able to indent, rather 
> than
> using column number 1, when starting a new line?

When doing customization or when writing some text? Or in programming

In customization I have no idea about indenting. Normally items are in
field forms and person need not do complicated lists.

Do you use the `customize' function to define org-capture-templates?

As it looks like below, pretty visible, easier to edit.

Hide Org Capture Templates:
INS DEL Choice: Value Menu Template entry:
            Keys           : p
            Description    : Protocol
            Capture Type   : Value Menu Org entry
            Target location: Value Menu File & Headline:
            Filename       : Value Menu Literal: ~/Documents/
              Headline: Inbox
            Template       : Value Menu String: * %^{Title}
Source: %u, %c

If you use it directly in your config, then you have standard Emacs
Lisp indentation. For strings you can do any how, but then do not
invoke M-q to indent as it will ruin your own string chunk

When there are longer strings with new lines I tend to define them this way:

(let ((string "The heading

Then anything else is here.
I just keep writing straight from first column")))

rather than using this way:

(let ((string (concat "The heading\n\n"
                      "Then anything else is here.\n"
                      "I just keep writing straight from first column"))))

And I mean longer strings than those above. For few lines I could
be using similar method like you.

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