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Re: Interacting with PostgreSQL

From: Tim Landscheidt
Subject: Re: Interacting with PostgreSQL
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2020 17:08:18 +0000
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Jean Louis <> wrote:

>> The problem is that you do not need to consciously use auto-
>> commit mode, but that psql automatically reverts to it when
>> you rollback or commit a transaction:

>> | tim=> BEGIN WORK;
>> | BEGIN
>> | tim=> INSERT INTO t (ID) VALUES (1);
>> | INSERT 0 1
>> | tim=> ROLLBACK WORK;
>> | tim=> INSERT INTO t (ID) VALUES (1);
>> | INSERT 0 1
>> | tim=> -- The row has been committed.

> I understand. I always used it manually and will rather continue. Just
> observing how you do it.

Eh, that /is/ the behaviour using it manually, either on the
command line or via sql-postgres.

> […]

> Do you use any kind of revision system?

> I have made recently my own revision system, you can see the simple
> table below, and `hyperscope-vc' that fetches values and inserts into
> the "version control" table.

> […]

> If you know other ways of version control, let me know.

> […]

If I were to choose a system for storing structured informa-
tion, I would almost certainly not use a system that accord-
ing to (last up-
dated six years ago) "is not currently maintained.  It is
present here for archival purposes."

There are org-mode, many markdown variants, plain HTML, and
apparently even a dedicated GNU project called Hyperbole
(  There are a my-
riad of version control systems, with Git at the forefront.
Most of them are natively supported by Emacs, right out of
the box.

I find that there is a lot of strength in numbers and thus
I like to use software that is used by at least a sizable,
critical mass of other users.  This gives me confidence that
if I encounter a problem, either a bug or just a question of
how to achieve something in the most effective or efficient
way, others will have treaded that path before me and
hopefully left some breadcrumbs.  And if I am genuinely the
first one to tackle an issue, my solution to it will not
only benefit myself, but also others who may face the same


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