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Re: Make fullscreen with margins

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Make fullscreen with margins
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2020 19:02:35 +0300
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* Christopher Dimech <> [2020-11-22 18:30]:
> I figured that users can use "C-h f" which would give the required
> information of the file and package for that call.
> Do people not like that?

That is why Emacs is self-documenting. I use it every day.

Related to prefix for functions:

   • You should choose a short word to distinguish your program from
     other Lisp programs.  The names of all global symbols in your
     program, that is the names of variables, constants, and functions,
     should begin with that chosen prefix.  Separate the prefix from the
     rest of the name with a hyphen, ‘-’.  This practice helps avoid
     name conflicts, since all global variables in Emacs Lisp share the
     same name space, and all functions share another name space(1).
     Use two hyphens to separate prefix and name if the symbol is not
     meant to be used by other packages.

You could simply prefix each function with cd-

I have first defined my own functions like string-empty-p but then
when I make program into package it starts using built-in function of
same name that does not give me same result and all program
breaks. There are 26856 functions in my Emacs and many are similar so
the prefix helps in having distinct function names.

My prefixes are


For example: wrs-publish-pages

Jean Louis
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