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Re: EShell Alias for a 'cd' followed by 'ls'

From: Vladimir Sedach
Subject: Re: EShell Alias for a 'cd' followed by 'ls'
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2020 18:12:57 -0800
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Christopher Dimech <> writes:
> I would like to use Eshell to call an alias 'cl' that does
> a 'cd' to a directory followed by an 'ls'.  But I do not know
> how to achieve it.

I am not sure whether you are already aware of this: you can achieve
the same effect by setting the eshell-list-files-after-cd variable.

Also useful is the variable documentation:

"If non-nil, call "ls" with any remaining args after doing a cd.
This is provided for convenience, since the same effect is easily
achieved by adding a function to ‘eshell-directory-change-hook’ that
calls "ls" and references ‘eshell-last-arguments’."

Vladimir Sedach
Software engineering services in Los Angeles

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