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Re: Lunar Phases in Calendar

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Lunar Phases in Calendar
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2020 18:48:11 +0300
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* Christopher Dimech <> [2020-11-18 18:00]:
> Is it possible to highlight the Lunar Phases in Calendar.
> How can I include a command in my emacs init file?

It is all possible, only it may not be easily customizable.

Please explain what exactly you wish to have in the configuration?

Side notes:

As we are on different parts of the planet I think, but I am not so
sure, that {M-x lunar-phases RET} could require latitude and

(setq calendar-latitude -1.12484)
(setq calendar-longitude 29.72780)
(setq calendar-location-name "Bwindi Impenetrable Forest")

You would need something like that in your ~/.emacs or

You may want to setup your calendar time zones as well.

(setq calendar-standard-time-zone-name "EAT")
(setq calendar-time-zone 180)

Inspect those variables by moving with the cursor to variable and
pressing {C-h v}

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