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Re: Writing text which is not interpreted by Org

From: Robert Pluim
Subject: Re: Writing text which is not interpreted by Org
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2020 17:30:04 +0100

Christopher Dimech <> writes:

> How can I write text which is not interpreted by Org
> Because in the following code, Org interprets * as a heading.
> -------- --------
> #+begin_src text
> * [/] [%] Heading
> #+end_src

>From (info "(org) Literal Examples")

    12.6 Literal Examples

    You can include literal examples that should not be subjected to markup.
    Such examples are typeset in monospace, so this is well suited for
    source code and similar examples.

           Some example from a text file.

       There is one limitation, however.  You must insert a comma right
    before lines starting with either ‘*’, ‘,*’, ‘#+’ or ‘,#+’, as those may
    be interpreted as outlines nodes or some other special syntax.  Org
    transparently strips these additional commas whenever it accesses the
    contents of the block.

         ,* I am no real headline

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