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Re: How to save custom variable programmatically?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: How to save custom variable programmatically?
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2020 18:07:23 +0300
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* Michael Heerdegen <> [2020-11-17 15:24]:
> Jean Louis <> writes:
> > Do you have example for:
> >
> > - client's name (to be key for below)
> >   - address line 1
> >   - address line 2
> >   - address line 3
> >   - postal code
> >   - city
> >   - country
> >   - phone
> >   - fax
> >   - mobile
> >   - email
> BTW, if you actually happen to want to have a database of contacts, I
> have to add that there are special solutions for that task of course:
> BBDB, its successor EDBD, and org-contacts (I currently use the first
> one; there may be more).

Question for the structure is meant for packages that produce invoices
and quotations for customers where user does not need any outside
package or anything more sophisticated. Just entering few tables, few
items or articles or goods, pricing and creating invoice.

For contacts management I will have new package for GNU ELPA, it will
come. I am using it since quite some time for me and it comes from CRM
or Customer Relationship Management database and different web GUI.

GeDaFe - PostgreSQL Generic Database Interface

Gedafe is a generic web front-end to PostgreSQL. Generic means in this
context that Gedafe does not know anything about the structure or
contents of the database it is presenting.

Over many years using Gedafe interface I have developed many various
PostgreSQL tables for various use cases. Let us say for mapping lands
and generation of maps or for planning, invoices, etc.

Contacts are of course included together with various accounts and
integrations that is way complex than BBDB. For me personally I have
contacts management that satisfied all personal needs (not public

For a package to create invoices and to be very simple as Emacs is
simple for the user, I am looking how to structure data and save it
for the user.

I think that packages should support various databases:

1. Emacs based databases should be simplest

2. GDBM database, I hope to sponsor dynamic module for GDBM soon,

3. PostgreSQL, dynamic module already exists

For the option 3. I have the solution and `emacs-libpq` will come soon

For option 1. I look for solution to make it simple for those users
who do not have many clients and do not need sophisticated database in

Option 3. with GDBM will come in future and I hope it will enhance
Emacs as programming interface to databases.

So structure with EIEIO will serve for option 1.


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