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Re: Best Emacs Mail client.

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Best Emacs Mail client.
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2020 10:21:18 +0300
User-agent: Mutt/2.0 (3d08634) (2020-11-07)

* 황병희 <> [2020-11-15 07:06]:
> "M.R.P. zensky" <> writes:
> > Hello I wondering what the best mail client is for me to use. I do not
> > want to use gnus. I just want a really good mail client that can
> > handle pop and map. Can Rmail support POP and Imap? Should I look
> > elsware?
> >
> Suddenly i did rise think up some email client:
> ===>
> Gnus is the world best, then mh-e second best mailer!
> Sincerely, Gnus and MH-E fan Byung-Hee

mh-e is powerful email client bult-in into Emacs. I would be using it
if I would have too few emails. I have 50000+ Maildir folders relating
to 50000+ conversations and many more email messages.

Maildir format is number one choice for me, and I wish Emacs could be
able to handle that, but it does not.

So the email client of choice for me is mutt running within M-x ansi-term
or M-x term or M-x vterm.

So far only vterm is handling terminal issues correctly.

References: and


My strategy for handling emails is that each email address has its
Maildir folder. That means by one key press in Mutt (by configuration)
I can access all previous conversations related to that email
address. It is blazing fast compared to anything I have tested in
Emacs and I have tested them all.

Mutt supports emacsclient, so one can write in mutt within Emacs
terminal and use Emacs to write emails, it means that new frame is not
opening on X unless -c option is used for emacsclient

I really tried over last 20 years to use Emacs as email client and it
never satisfied my demand for speed and quick handling of emails as
Mutt does.

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