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Re: memory leaks

From: Madhu
Subject: Re: memory leaks
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2020 06:54:56 +0530

[Test case follows. Sorry Drew for trying to post to help-gnu and
debbugs simultaneously, but this is my third attempt at sending this
test case - I've tried sending it to and to newsgroup - and my messages have been dropped]

* Madhu <> :
Wrote on Mon, 14 Sep 2020 15:36:57 +0530:
> The numbers I reported by garbage-collect do not account for the memory
> usage. FWIW I've posted that info again at

I found test case for this bug and I sent mail to,
and qmail told me that the mail was accepted:
delivery 1: success:
But the bugreport didn't show up on gnu.emacs.bug.

Here is the test case:

$ cat > f.c
#include <stdio.h>
  char c = ' ';
  while (c != 'q' && c != 'Q')
      fprintf(stdout, "Press q then enter to quit: ");
      c = fgetc(stdin);
  return 0;

$ gcc f.c
$ emacs -Q

M-x shell-command ./a.out

Then the process hangs. But Emacs' memory grows unbounded.

WARNING. Be careful to interrupt it with ^G before the OOM killer
kicks in.  If you have swap you may lose control of your machine

After you interrupt the sub process, Emacs is left with unreclaimed
gigabytes of RSS

Please let me know if you can reproduce this

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