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Re: Exploring a code base?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Exploring a code base?
Date: Sat, 07 Nov 2020 10:52:01 -0500
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> Yes, this is almost word for word what Yuri explained in his first mail, and
> Stefan in his reply.  Yuri says that doing this is "tedious", Stefan that it
> is "not satisfactory".  So the question is: could this not be automated with
> a kind of stack or list of searches, in which one could navigate, instead of
> using a separate flat or structured text file?

BTW, I think the solution should likely not be connected to "code" in
any way.  Fundamentally, the same problem can appear where you're
reviewing a text document (tho it's admittedly less common).

So, all that's needed, I think, is some way to be able to maintain
a stack/tree of annotated bookmarks, with a command to "add an element"
which can be used from any buffer, and then some way to view the tree
and modify it.

Most likely, all it takes is a command which adds an entry to some
"central" Org file (probably a TODO entry) and another to quickly
display that Org file.


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