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Re: Defun Self Documentation

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Defun Self Documentation
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2020 12:28:25 -0500
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>> I don't see why that would be important information.  The important
>> information is to know whether an expression is "inside" or
>> "next/outside" some other and the indentation already gives you that
>> information.
> I was hacking Emacs' earlier today. I really wished there
> was a better functioning identation and paren-highlighting mode. For
> some reason whatever mode is activated in, it didn't really
> understood the ']' and ')' in some places despite them being correct. 

[ Not sure how this relates to the earlier discussion of defun's
  docstrings or placement closing parens, but in any case:  ]

This is 100% under the control of `autoconf-mode`, so that's where
improvements need to be done for that.  IIRC it's not easy to make it
work well reliably because of the "two-level" nature of the language
(IIRC it's a layering on `m4` on top of `sh`), but currently there is no
auto-indentation at all in that mode, so there are plenty of
low-hanging fruits.


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