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Re: Universal Prefix Argument using M-1..9 and C-1..9

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Universal Prefix Argument using M-1..9 and C-1..9
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2020 16:01:45 -0500
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jai-bholeki wrote:
>> A related question is why Emacs uses different keybindings
>> (e.g. M-1..9 and C-1..9) to do exactly the same thing
>> with the repercussion that users have less availability to set
>> keybindings themselves without affecting other users using their
>> software to conflict from Emacs Built-In Key Shortcuts.

Actually, users can freely bind `C-<digit>` or `M-<digit>` to anything else
they like and it probably won't conflict with anything.

Personally, I use such numerical prefixes rarely enough that I find `C-u
<number>` sufficient.

Eli wrote:
> Because, depending on the command to which you want to give an
> argument, it can be very convenient.  For example, if the command is
> C-f, it is much easier to type "C-8 C-f" than "M-8 C-f", because for
> the former you can press and hold Ctrl, then type 8 followed by f.  By
> contrast, if the command you need to type is M-f, it is easier to type
> "M-8 M-f", for the same reasons.

Also, in text terminals, `C-<digit>` usually sends "unrelated"
byte-sequences, so it can't be used for a numerical prefix.


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