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Re: How to dump Emacs and use as application snapshot?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: How to dump Emacs and use as application snapshot?
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2020 19:51:18 +0300
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* Corwin Brust <> [2020-11-02 17:38]:
> I think you may find that the documentation for use-package is quite
> helpful, with plan language narratives and many usage examples.  I'm
> not attempting to compare the leaf to use-package here- use-package
> has been around for many years and quite a numberr of users have
> documented their successes (and frustrations) with it.  Even if you
> feel strongly that leaf will be preferable for you, I recommend
> starting with the main README file for use-package[0]; from what I've
> seen the leaf syntax will in many cases the syntax will be identical
> and and many authors have contributed, directly to the documentation
> and publishing their configurations using it, blogging, etc..

Thank you for more enlightenment.

I have suggested to author to make a code generation feature. If user
who is not a programmer needs to understands so much about programming
like leaf is exposing it then user will not need to ask anybody, can
even write the new leaf or whatever oneself.

What I expect from Emacs is useful customization like Leaf Group
customization or code generation by using customization.

One could then choose the package name and would get various options
shortly explained that user can turn on or off. 

> You can anonomously retrieve the use-package project (including the
> file where I recommend starting) without visiting any
> website, using a command such as:
>   git clone

Thanks I do that often with --depth 1 option so that I get less bytes
pulled for nothing. 

> The most important advantage from use-package for improving your
> load-time will likely be the :defer keyword.  This can be complicated
> but fortunately use-package will generally "do the math" for us, such
> that in most cases I'm able to write simple forms like:
>   (use-package name-of-a-package
>     :config
>       (forms-to-run-before-require)
>       (can-go-here)
>     :init
>       (forms-to-run-after-require)
>       (can-go-here))

I have tried it once and gave up. The real problem is I think loading
of files instead of making packages myself. So I load too many files
that I need for my working environment. If I make packages, how I
understand it, autoload functions will automatically be invoked or
package will be loaded when I invoke the function. That would minimize
startup times.

Am I right there?

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