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Re: global-set-key with function taking arguments

From: Corwin Brust
Subject: Re: global-set-key with function taking arguments
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2020 17:38:55 -0600

On Sun, Nov 1, 2020 at 8:56 AM Emanuel Berg via Users list for the GNU
Emacs text editor <> wrote:
> Christopher Dimech wrote:
> > My only complaint was that you would not get a description when
> > using in a key binding. But now I know that one can put
> > a description.
> Yeah, but they are not intended to be used in exactly the same way.
> Please read: C-h f lambda RET

Rebinding is something specific that is harder if one uses binds a
lambda to a key.

This example from the top of the Elisp Manual section 22.12 would be
difficult if `kill-line' has been implemented with a lambda:

  (define-key my-mode-map [remap kill-line] 'my-kill-line)

In addition to (info "(elisp)Controlling-Active-Maps") see
`substitute-key-definition' in (info "(elisp)Changing Key Bindings")
for other problematic cases.

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