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Re: vterm-module compile error

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: vterm-module compile error
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2020 14:06:11 +0100
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Jean Louis wrote:

>> They are `next-line' and `previous-line' all over Emacs. If I put
>> them to nil in vterm-mode-map, these functions will be invoked in
>> vterm-mode as well.
> I do not understand quite. If you are in vterm and you define it as
> let us say previous-line, can you really move your cursor up?

Yes, of course. It is just an Emacs buffer like everything else
in Emacs.

> When I am in Xterm or if I am on console, C-n and C-p are in Emacs
> bindings for shell like cursor up and down and those are normally
> askin for previous or next history items. That is what I expect
> when I am on M-x term or M-x vterm or M-x ansi-term as those are
> terminal emulators.

Well, yes, but then we expect different. I want all the basic cursor
movements commands to be the same everywhere. Doesn't matter if it is
vterm, King Khan, or King Kong. I like basic input to be consistent,
doesn't matter if it is ERC, Gnus, programming, whatever.

>> However there are A LOT of keys to fix ... it'll be a work in
>> progress. But as they say (said) in Denmark, little by little is
>> the finest meal!
> I was working 1998/1999 in Copenhagen and coming back later year by
> year. It is like my city, I feel good there.

Whaddya kidding? Everyone loves Copenhagen including me :)

underground experts united

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