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Emacs 27.1, Gnus, Tramp?

From: Kevin Shell
Subject: Emacs 27.1, Gnus, Tramp?
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2020 07:49:40 +0800

Hello Emacs users.

I upgrade emacs 26.3 to emacs 27.1.
When I start Gnus,
Tramp is opening all my .iso files in my home directory.

 Tramp: Opening connection for file xxx.iso using archive...done
 Tramp: Opening connection for file yyy.iso using archive...done

When I quit Gnus and about to exit emacs with C-x C-c,
every C-x C-c output Tramp: Unmounting xxx, and Emacs is not exit.
  C-x C-c => Tramp: Unmounting xxx.iso
  C-x C-c => Tramp: Unmounting yyy.iso

I'm not familiar with Tramp, this is a  stange behaviour for me.
What's the problem with Emacs 27.1, Gnus, Tramp?


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