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Re: url-retrieve fails on most HTTPS sites

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: url-retrieve fails on most HTTPS sites
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2020 01:41:24 +0200
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Re: url-retrieve fails on most HTTPS sites
2QdxY4RzWzUUiLuE wrote:

> On 2020-09-29 at 01:13:51 +0200,
> Emanuel Berg via Users list for the GNU Emacs text
> editor <> wrote:
>> Nicolas Graner wrote:
>> >   (switch-to-buffer (url-retrieve
>> > ""; '(lambda (&rest ignore))))
>> >
>> > The buffer that shows up is empty.
>> Never heard of `url-retrieve' but I have it and yes,
>> what "shows up is empty".
> It works for me.  Sort of.
> I ran (url-retrieve "";
> (lambda (&rest ignore))) in my *scratch* buffer,
> and watched carefully.
      (lambda (&rest ignore)))
     #<buffer  *http*>

I search downwards for some sign, signals aren't
strong enough, perhaps?

>> (BTW, don't quote lambdas! was the rule one decade
>> ago...)
> From wrting too much Common Lisp, I'm used to
> writing #'(lambda ...), but I'm not qualified to
> judge elisp.

Comrade S Monnier always said don't quote lambdas.
and... I believed him.

underground experts united

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