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Emacs keybindings according to file type

From: Christopher Dimech
Subject: Emacs keybindings according to file type
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020 08:46:02 +0200

I want to set different keybinding according to the type of file I load
into a buffer. I wonder how I can do that.

In my .emacs file I have

; Loads texinfo Customisations
(setq texi--customs "/home/hagbard/swadmin/emacs/el/naiad/texi--custom.el")
(load texi--customs)

; Loads Fortran Customisations.
(setq fortran--customs 
(load fortran--customs)

; Adds Org Mode Custimisations
(setq org--customs "/home/hagbard/swadmin/emacs/el/naiad/org--custom.el")
(load org--customs)

Then in separate files I have commands for each language.


I want to have keybinding for f1 and f2 to toggle between org-mode and 
when the file is a .texi

; Helps traverse a texinfo document using org-mode commands
; Sets Keybinding for switching between texinfo-mode and org-mode
; The Major Mode toggle is used for Syntax Highlighting
  (global-set-key [f1] (kbd "M-x org-mode"))
  (global-set-key [f2] (kbd "M-x texinfo-mode"))

And if I have a .f file, I want the keybinding for f90-mode
  (global-set-key [f1] (kbd "M-x org-mode"))
  (global-set-key [f2] (kbd "M-x f90-mode"))


However, if one looks at the .emacs file, the keybindings that take effect is 
always of
the last file that is loaded, in this case being fortran--custom.el.  This 
means that if
I load a .texi file, the keybinding f2 will not change the buffer to 


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