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Re: Gnus: caching message headers?

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: Gnus: caching message headers?
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2020 16:29:39 -0700
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Ozhap <> writes:

> Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:
>> Ozhap <> writes:
>>>>> “If I read an article while plugged, do they get entered into the 
>>>>> Agent?”
>>>>> *No*.  If you want this behavior, add 
>>>>> ‘gnus-agent-fetch-selected-article’ to ‘gnus-select-article-hook’.
>>>> That Info page could be more explicit that `gnus-agent-cache' means that
>>>> articles *will* be added to the agent as they are read.
>>> That's how it stands now, but in info '(gnus)Agent as Cache' it says:
>>> "..Gnus normally only downloads *headers* once, and stores them in the
>>> Agent"
>>> "Articles are *not* cached in the Agent by default though (that would
>>> potentially consume lots of disk space), but if you have *already
>>> downloaded an article into the Agent*, Gnus will not download the
>>> article from the server again but use the locally stored copy instead."
>>> I did some digging, and this behaviour was changed due to bug#8502 where
>>> Lars concludes (erroneously, on the face of it):
>>>> Let's see...  caching...  so if you're online (in an agentised group)
>>>> and select an article, you want the article to be saved in the Agent
>>>> directory?  That sounds eminently reasonable, and I thought that was
>>>> supposed to happen, but I can't find any code for doing that...  hm...
>>>> Nope.
>>> Ref:
>> If I were you I would do this up as a proper bug report. Lars is now an
>> Emacs maintainer, so he'll be obliged to look at it :)
>> One way or another there is a mismatch between documentation,
>> customization options, and actual observed behavior. I think if you can
>> make it clear what that mismatch is, we stand a good chance of getting
>> it fixed.
> Here you go. I think I did good :)

I saw it, I agree it's good!

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