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issue emacs 27 package loading lsp-java

From: Ernst Reissner
Subject: issue emacs 27 package loading lsp-java
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 12:07:33 +0200
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Hi all,
I just migrated to emacs 27.

in my .emacs file i have  
(setq custom-file "~/.gnu-emacs-custom"); exists in my installation (ER)
  (load "~/.gnu-emacs-custom" t t) ; sets variables and faces (ER)
and a bit later

(require 'package)
;(package-initialize); moved from the beginning, removed for >=27.0.0 (ER)
(add-to-list 'package-archives
         '("melpa-stable" . "";)
         ;'("melpa"        . "";)


In .gnu-emacs-custom i find
    (ac-emacs-eclim auctex autodisass-java-bytecode csharp-mode
java-imports javadoc-lookup javaimp jdecomp jedi markdown-mode
organize-imports-java lsp-java)))
 '(show-paren-mode t))

I read that package-initialize is no longer needed,
but i must invoke it and i must do after adding melpa,
else melpa-stable does not show up in package-show-lackage-list does not
show up. 

This is different from what I would suspect from the posts in the comunity.

What is quite strange is, that lsp-java is not installed although
mentioned in package-selected-packages.
I dont think this has to do with my unusual setup.

In the list lsp-java has version 3.0 and is loaded as lsp-java-3.0 and
requires lsp-mode-6.0,

but an error occurs "lsp-mode-7.0 not found". In the list i have
lsp-mode 7.0 indeed.

I feel it is strange, that seemingly not the dependency is resolved but
the available package is fetched.

Strange enough, at melpa I can seee lsp-java 3.1 and lsp-mode 7.0.1.

But even in lps-java 3.1 I have dependency to lsp-mode 6.0 according to

In a sense, that lsp-mode 7.0.1 is there not 7.0 gives some explanation.


How can I fix this????

I found out that i cannot upgrade also... Frustrating.

So in a sense, I have two questions: one with upgrade of emacs to 27 and
another one concerning melpa... 

Thanks in advance for help.

Best regards,



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