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epc implementation in c

From: otadmor
Subject: epc implementation in c
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 02:28:42 +0300

I would like to integrate readline with my completion-epc package (using
This hook is a callback which is called when libreadline wants to show
I have previously integrated completion-epc with python-epc, and it allowed
me to integrate with some python-based programs (gdb, python, frida), and
provide context aware completions where not provided by emacs.
There are many programs using native readline (bash for example), and my
general idea is to replace the libreadline in my system with a new one I
will compile with the completion-epc support.
I have two options:
1) link libreadline with python and run the python interpreter with the
python-epc module inside libreadline. I believe this to be a waste.
2) link libreadline with the epc implementation in c and write the
completion-epc-client natively.
I prefer the second option, and would like to know if there is an epc
implementation in c.

I can explain some more on this completion-epc architecture if someone is

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