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Re: finding the hork point in ~/.emacs

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: finding the hork point in ~/.emacs
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 06:23:09 +0200
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Drew Adams wrote:

>> Try M-; for `comment-dwim'. It comments and then
>> uncomments if the region contains a comment.
> ... which is not as good as `comment-region', IMHO.
> I use `M-;' only for eol comments. IMO, it's not
> really made for block (un)commenting.

? `comment-dwim':

  If the region is active and ‘transient-mark-mode’
  is on, call ‘comment-region’ (unless it only
  consists of comments, in which case it calls


I don't think so :)

> (defun comment-region-lines (beg end &optional arg)
>   "Like `comment-region', but comment/uncomment
>   whole lines." [...]

What do you mean by "whole lines"? Empty lines?
If so,

  (setq comment-empty-lines t)

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