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Re: Another Emacs incompatibilty

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Another Emacs incompatibilty
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2020 01:14:21 +0200
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Alan Davis wrote:

> A mere two minutes before reading this thread,
> while writing an email in Gmail, I had maneuvered
> to select and replace a short piece of text by
> a manipulation parallel with delete-selected-text
> (if I understand correctly), though I had no idea
> about this existing in Emacs. At this time, like at
> other times when dealing with crippled input
> systems on popular software, my thoughts turned to
> Emacs. It occurred to me that this was not
> a perfect solution, unless the deleted piece is
> stashed somewhere for reuse.
> A good example of an Emacs sequence that is more
> nimble than other software I have encountered is
> swapping two adjacent characters, or words,
> a procedure I use often. I confess I have not
> bothered to master transcient mark mode, as opposed
> to not using it; but it seems to be so logical,
> however, that that alternative seems
> completely illogical.
> Emacs gives better control over my typing.
> The developers of the dreaded GUI editors seem not
> to care about this. The lack of
> delete-selection-mode (d-s-m) has not been on my
> radar. But I think in some cases it does happen.
> I have not decided whether to take advantage of
> this new feature.
> Perhaps more sophisticated manipulations can be
> implemented through a macro.


> Is it currently possible, if d-s-m is active, to
> easily retrieve the deleted/replaced item?

Yes, it should be possible with the help of

  Delete selection according to TYPE
     ‘kill-region’ is used on the selection, rather
     than ‘delete-region’. (Text selected with the
     mouse will typically be yankable anyhow).

but how that works I don't know, putting it like this

  (add-hook 'delete-selection-pre-hook
            '(delete-selection-helper "kill") )

doesn't seem to do anything to that end.

One would think an easier way to provide
a configuration interface would just be to have
a variable. (The implemented way is more
powerful/versatile tho, if one can only figure out
how to use it...)

Also, I _still_ don't understand the use case?
You are used to this behavior from other editors?
Or you can delete and insert with a single stroke, so
it is faster? That's it? Or is there something else?

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