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Re: Opening multiple files in a single buffer?

From: Arthur Miller
Subject: Re: Opening multiple files in a single buffer?
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2020 07:29:58 +0200
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Gregory Heytings <> writes:

>>> Indeed, but that's not the point.  As I said what I'm proposing is a way to
>>> do some things more easily (for some users).  Everything that could be done
>>> with such a feature can already be done in other ways. I don't use the
>>> menu-bar, the tool-bar, customize, or the menus on the mode-line. But I do
>>> not consider that they are useless.  All these features make it possible to
>>> do things more easily (for some users), that can already be done in other
>>> ways.
>> Before you decide to dive into this, I would suggest doing a test run by
>> writing a simple script to cat the files together with a separator and 
>> edit that file with something like search and replace or bounce around in
>> various places making edits.  I have vague memories that when buffers get
>> extremely big, emacs slows down considerably but my memories are not clear
>> enough to recall the exact circumstances.
>> Perhaps one of the emacs maintainers can jump in and comment.  Is emacs going
>> to be more efficient with several “small” buffers rather than one extremely
>> large buffer.  Some of the people commenting are wanting to load up an entire
>> project into a single buffer.  As I recall, that is going to be very
>> unfriendly to use.
> That's not correct.  On my laptop, I can easily edit a 100 (one hundred) MB 
> text
> file, Emacs is almost as reactive as with a 1 KB text file.  Of course some
> operations take more time, e.g. a query-replace-regexp on the whole buffer, 
> but
> from what I see (on my laptop it takes about four seconds, with a regexp) I
> doubt that it takes more time than hundred query-replace-regexp in a 1 MB 
> file,
> or for that matter than doing this with dired on hundred 1 MB files.
> Gregory
I think it depends on content in those files as well as of size.

Try to edit some of those two files: ,
possibly Don't just display them, but try to actually put
some text note in it or add/remove some whitespace or whatever. Jump to
some paragraph and insert a new line and see how long it takes. Then try
to do same in Atom text editor.

My Emacs takes quite some time even to add a white space char while Atom
has not problems whatsoever. I  run on 6700K i7 cpu + 32 gig 3000Mhz

I don't know what the problem is, if it is just my Emacs config or
actually underlaying data structure (Gap buffer vs linked structure optimized
for changes - their "Superstring").

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