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Re: Emacs as a translator's tool

From: Marcin Borkowski
Subject: Re: Emacs as a translator's tool
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2020 21:46:24 +0200
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On 2020-06-10, at 23:28, Emanuel Berg via Users list for the GNU Emacs text 
editor <> wrote:

> Marcin Borkowski wrote:
>>> Right, but I think its a good idea to keep them
>>> apart. And then have different modes...
>> It depends. How about preapring a LaTeX file with two
>> language versions typeset side-by-side?
> Better to use the translation tool somewhere else,
> when its done one can do whatever with the material
> including typesetting. LaTeX mode and markup will
> just complicate everything.

Well, to each his own.

> Do it all in one buffer in general: DNC
>>> Still, one can do that as well... with a variable
>>> instead of point to keep track of it the overlay.
>>> Maybe editing screws it up. Its just better to
>>> have different buffers for different purposes,
>>> then people can also rearrange stuff visually more
>>> easily, and many other advantages...
>> But my solution, in which I only use the overlay
>> itself (no point, no markers, no variables pointing
>> to buffers) seems to cover all such cases, and in
>> quite an elegant way.
> There is only one variable and that holds the
> overlay. Moving point I consider a good thing, only
> perhaps one should keep two sets of functions, to
> make it more clear what happens and when, and make it
> more versatile.

It may be the case that moving point is a good idea, too, yes.

> As for your solution, I have only seen one version,
> the first you posted here...

Yes, I mean that one.  Also, the new version here:

Marcin Borkowski

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