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Re: Undefining an ERT test?

From: Douglas Lewan
Subject: Re: Undefining an ERT test?
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2020 19:22:49 -0400
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On 6/11/20 7:01 PM, Joost Kremers wrote:

On Fri, Jun 12 2020, Douglas Lewan wrote:
On 6/11/20 6:10 PM, Joost Kremers wrote:

On Thu, Jun 11 2020, Douglas Lewan wrote:
So, the question is: Is there something like (fmakunbound) for ERT?

There is `ert-make-test-unbound`.

Thanks, that looks like just the thing.

It's not in my info file (I'm on emacs 24.5). I don't find it in my 26.3 source tree either. Should it be?

Don't know about 24.5, but I'm pretty sure it should be in 26.3, because I remember using it when I was running 26.3.

Just to make sure, I checked out the emacs-26 branch in my local copy of the Emacs git repo, and it *is* there, in `ert.el`.
It looks like my copy of 26.3 was pulled (from I don't remember exactly when, but it looks like the most recent build was on 2020 May 21. I don't know if it's possible that the development repository and could be out of sync.

BTW, there's also `ert-delete-test` and `ert-delete-all-tests`, which are interactive functions (`ert-make-test-unbound` is not), so you can call them with `M-x`.

Just what I want. Thanks.

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