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Re: Emacs as a translator's tool

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Emacs as a translator's tool
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2020 09:55:03 +0200
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Jean-Christophe Helary wrote:

>> But as for this discussion how to do it, it
>> suddenly becomes a question of using Emacs (the
>> interface) to use OmegaT's resources (DB +
>> search)...
> No.
> You asked for a description of a translator's
> workflow. I gave you one, pretty detailed, and not
> dependent on any tool.
> Emacs can work with databases (sqlite for ex) and
> have the matching engine written in emacslisp.

Right, but I suspect when people want to use Emacs
rather than OmegaT, it is because they use Emacs as
their editor and common interface to the whole
system, and they are used to it, and Emacs is used to
them (thru config/extension) - I think that this is
the entry point, not that anyone is dissatisfied with
the search/DB capabilities of OmegaT...

So if OmegaT already does the search well and comes
with a database (with data), and if all that is FOSS
it makes more sense to bring it over as it is, and
make the interface which would be an Emacs major mode
or a bunch of different modes - for starters, one
with the "segments", and one with suggestions and

  a: suggestion 1
  s: suggestion 2
  d: ..         3

and more advanced keys like `e a' = insert suggestion
a only edit it first and so on...

But even with an Emacs keyboard-only interface, while
an IMMENSE improvement, it still doesn't sound like
fun :( Reading, thinking, and typing, all at once,
almost, that sounds like fun. But getting a selection
from a database and picking the best alternative,
that just doesn't appeal to me.

underground experts united

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