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f90.el matching END statements

From: Salvatore Filippone
Subject: f90.el matching END statements
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2019 11:39:21 +0000

Dear All,
I have recently run into an issue with f90.el, version 26.2
distributed with fedora 30.
The issue is with the autocompletion feature; Fortran 2008 has
introduced submodules; among the changes entailed by this, it is now
possible to have a piece of code like the following:
    module subroutine foo(bar)
      integer  :: bar
    end subroutine foo
  end interface
Now, if I hit TAB on the first "end" the autocompletion feature tries to insert
   end module subroutine
which is wrong, whereas I would like to insert
   end subroutine foo

I have found a fix for this. I changed file f90.el:1385-1386  from
   ((and (not (looking-at "module[ \t]*procedure\\_>"))
         (looking-at "\\(module\\)[ \t]+\\(\\(?:\\sw\\|\\s_\\)+\\)\\_>"))
   ((and (not (or
           (looking-at "module[ \t]*procedure\\_>")
           (looking-at "module[ \t]*subroutine\\_>")))
         (looking-at "\\(module\\)[ \t]+\\(\\(?:\\sw\\|\\s_\\)+\\)\\_>"))
and I got the desired behaviour.
It is quite possible that somebody on this list will have a better
solution, but this does the job.

Hope this helps
Salvatore Filippone

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