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Re: iCloud directory access issue on macOS Catalina

From: Perry Smith
Subject: Re: iCloud directory access issue on macOS Catalina
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2019 09:51:58 -0500

There is a useful discussion on GitHub: 

Parts of the discussion are specific to the “EmacsOnMacOS” method of
starting emacs but other bits are more general.

Once I’ve used the ns-open-file-using-panel method, I’ve not had
any other issues but I have not moved up to 10.15.1 yet.  I’m still
on 10.15.  I’m currently fighting with other updates and I have
a tiny internet down link but I will try and update to 10.15.1 later
today and report back.

> On Oct 31, 2019, at 8:39 AM, Pankaj Jangid <address@hidden> wrote:
> Pankaj Jangid <address@hidden> writes:
>> macOS is increasingly making it difficult to access directories. Even
>> its own terminal required permission for CDing into icloud directories.
>> I am facing the same in dired. Just wanted to know if anyone has got this
>> fixed. I tried to gave "Full Disk Access" to Emacs but still getting
>> this error.
>> ```
>> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Listing directory failed but 
>> ‘access-file’ worked")
>>  signal(error ("Listing directory failed but ‘access-file’ worked"))
>>  error("Listing directory failed but `access-file' worked")
>>  insert-directory("/Users/pankaj/Documents/" "-al" nil t)
>>  dired-insert-directory("/Users/pankaj/Documents/" "-al" nil nil t)
>>  dired-readin-insert()
>>  dired-readin()
>>  dired-internal-noselect("~/Documents/" nil)
>>  dired-noselect("/Users/pankaj/Documents/" nil)
>>  dired-other-window("/Users/pankaj/Documents/" nil)
>>  funcall-interactively(dired-other-window "/Users/pankaj/Documents/" nil)
>>  call-interactively(dired-other-window nil nil)
>>  command-execute(dired-other-window)
>> ```
> This issue has re-appeared in macOS 10.15.1 update. And the workaround
> using ns-open-file-using-panel is also not working this time.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Pankaj Jangid

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