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Is there a quick way in Gnus to open Maildir and read it?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Is there a quick way in Gnus to open Maildir and read it?
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2019 14:21:40 +0200
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I am using Maildirs on my system. And I have 47682 various maildirs,
each belong to one email in the ordered way like:


and so on.

Gnus offers nice interface and functions which I would like to use
while reading email. Even though I like MH-E and Rmail more, they both
do not offer Maildir support.

I have made settings as following.

   '((nnmaildir ""
        (directory "/home/data1/protected/Maildir/"))))
 '(gnus-select-method '(nnimap "my.imap"))

Now, I do not need to susbcribe to 47682 Maildirs at once, as under
~/Maildir I have cur, new, tmp and that is the Maildir I would like to
read as only one.

However, after setting the above, Gnus started doing something since
yesterday, and I still do not know what it is, it is maybe indexing or
setting up something, I do not know, process is still running for many

I think that this is bug.

What I think is that Gnus is now recursively visiting all Maildirs
instead of using just the main one.

Maybe there shall be option for the user to customize Gnus so that it
stops doing this recursively.

I have filed this as bug.

And my other question is, is there a way to quickly access
Maildir/address@hidden by using Gnus? Some function maybe to just
write the email address or fetch it from database, and to open the
Maildir with nnmaildir?


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