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Re: EWW problems with SNI https sites?

From: Hideki Saito
Subject: Re: EWW problems with SNI https sites?
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2019 22:24:40 -0700

I think I've figured out pattern, although I'm not still sure what's going
This probably is not really related with SNI, but related to IPv6 --
perhaps there's some incompatibility with the way Windows IPv6 stack
handles thing; if I disable IPv6, I'm not seeing this is happening. (And
this seems to be Windows specific issue as this does not happen on Linux on
the same network.)

For the same reason, other places like also fails.
(Where it resolves to IPv6.)
Anyone encountering similar issue and any workaround? (Unfortunately I
can't really disable IPv6 as I'm relying certain things for it. Wondering
if there's a way to disable IPv6 just for Emacs...)

Hideki Saito (斉藤英樹)

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