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Re: Is Elisp really that slow?

From: 조성빈
Subject: Re: Is Elisp really that slow?
Date: Sat, 25 May 2019 18:05:29 +0900

Oops, I sent this as a personal mail first :-(

2019. 5. 25. 오후 5:22, Emanuel Berg via help-gnu-emacs <address@hidden> 작성:

> Ergus wrote:
>> 2) Many new features and functionalities
>> (pure editing oriented) have been
>> introduced/proved/improved in other editors,
>> and they have proven to be useful (move line,
>> initial configuration, associative bindings,
>> specific key combinations like in cua-mode,
>> undo/redo and many others).
> I don't know what "move line" or "associative
> bindings" are ... but if it is just about
> editing and keyboard-to-function behavior, I'm
> pretty sure we have it.
> As for `cua-mode', even I have that, and
> I don't want it, so it must be there to
> begin with.
> But I do agree the initial config is very
> unsexy. Especially the GUI Emacs looks awful
> out of the box, to be honest. Obviously you can
> get rid of all that stuff easily enough, then
> get a bright-on-black theme with a more radical
> syntax highlighting, have the cursor stop
> blinking, and a couple of other things I don't
> remember right now. That's a good start and
> should greatly improve the first impression.
> I don't know why it isn't like this to
> begin with.

This is so true... Why is the defaults so bad?̊̈
Just having a default theme will be much better...

>> 3) The development is not focused in the
>> first thing that a user needs when she opens
>> emacs: provide the most comfortable and
>> useful TEXT EDITOR.
> Emacs is an interface/tool to operate the
> _entire computer_. Stop thinking of it as
> a text editor only. It isn't true - far from it
> - so I don't know why you do it. And it will
> never happen, no matter what you or anyone else
> say in CAPITAL LETTERS. The only way it will
> happen if you fork it and remove tons and tons
> of useful code. You can do that, of course.

I would say, Emacs is an tool that abstracts operating a computer into text 
editing; which makes text-editing capabilities one of the most important part 
of Emacs. Text editing is *the* interface of the tool, Emacs.

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