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Re: Investigating Emacs startup failure

From: Richard Copley
Subject: Re: Investigating Emacs startup failure
Date: Sun, 19 May 2019 10:00:41 +0100

On Sun, 19 May 2019 at 09:11, Richard Copley <address@hidden> wrote:

    There's something wrong with my Emacs installation (master, on
Windows). When invoked normally, it fails to start. Since I last
successfully ran Emacs in this way, I have pulled from master and rebuilt,
and updated my ELPA packages.

    I don't know how to debug this, so I don't know if a bug report is
needed, and if so, what to put in it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Here is what I have already tried:

I uninstalled all packages (the problem went away) and reinstalled them
one-by-one. The problem came back after installing
"gnu-elpa-keyring-update-2019.3". This suggests the "OpenPGP" error is
important. I still can't see where this is going wrong. There's no error if
I load "package.el" and "~/.emacs/package-quickstart.el" after starting
"emacs -Q". (Whatever happened to early-init.el? I don't seem to have one.)

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