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Re: Is Elisp really that slow?

From: Ergus
Subject: Re: Is Elisp really that slow?
Date: Thu, 16 May 2019 03:19:09 +0200
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Ergus wrote:

But that's the point. The common features in
emacs should have the same base behavior
independently of the mode (comment region,
hungry deletion indent region, send to
terminal (compile and execute)/ send mail/

It is desirable but not something to worry too
much about. Better be creative doing more
creative stuff.

Here is a list of bike tires [1]. As you see,
there are three different systems, or four
actually, and one has an extension one might
say, so let's settle for 4.5 systems. And all
those tires? Does it really make sense to have
one 56-559 and one 54-559 tire? Perhaps not!
But it's reality. And Emacs is also part
of reality.

But before we get lost in a principal
discussion... Isn't what you mention the case
already to a large extent?

There are already many attempts to do that (cua mode, evil, ergoemacs,
god-mode) so I am not for sure the first with these concerns but they
fail because of the incompatibilities and conflicts with other packages.

Finally the most of the new users that wants to use the terminal are
going to vim or vim like systems like spacemacs. It is not because
modal editing is better, it is because after the initial learning curve
they can just deduce most of the actions withing the schema. Also
because vim removed the bugs and inconsistencies existent in vi in spite
of many users used to exploit them.

So in the context of your example, our tire is 55 (incompatible with
everything else by far), but also it works in a special kind of bike
that needs a 50 tire on Mondays and Tuesdays, but is the user who needs
to do the changes. We need to maintain our own bikes, wheels, the
material, and as we don't have practical arguments about why we keep
that system in many cases except that it is because it is compatible
with the previous bikes we produced the last 40 years and the old users
are use to them and they already know how to fix them.

But the new users can find spare parts for the other systems anywhere,
and specialized personal in the other technologies, and they don't need
to be alert about the day of the week... So for him is an obvious
choice. Our tire is better, because it is the only tire that can change
size 2 times a week, but for him it does not represent an advantage.

When exactly is what key doing something
totally unexpected in your opinion?



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