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Re: Uniformity

From: Óscar Fuentes
Subject: Re: Uniformity
Date: Wed, 15 May 2019 17:24:01 +0200
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

>> To mention just one example: It does not make sense that C-c C-c
>> comments the current lines in C-mode, but sends the current sexep to
>> terminal in other modes, or send the messages in others.
> AFAIK C-c C-c should always mean some kind of "OK, I'm done with the
> edit, now do what needs to be done with it", I believe many modes
> already follow this, but some modes (such as C-mode) instead follow the
> old "convention" of binding C-c C-c to comment-region (this convention
> became redundant in Emacs-21 where M-; was extended to cover
> comment-region).
> I agree this is a bug/misfeature and I encourage you to report it as such.
> Unifying behavior between different major modes is something important,
> IMO,

On this case, there is no behavior to be unified. The semantics that you
attribute to C-c C-c do not apply to CC-Mode.

>> Sometimes new users also mix languages, but the worst supported ones are
>> the newer languages (Lua, Julia, Ruby, Python, C++ 11+, Rust) Which are
>> also what they need more often.
> In which sense are Python and C++ among the worst supported ones (I
> don't have enough knowledge of the modes for the other languages you
> mention to include them here, but I'm also mildly surprised about them
> being in your list).

What I can say about C++ is that, nowadays, CC-Mode doesn't recognize
language keywords, not to mention proper fontification and indentation.
Not even for post-C++11 features, but for C++98 as well (at least the
fontification part).

I could mail-bomb the CC-Mode maintainer with bugs and feature requests,
but I wont because it is totally unreasonable to expect from a volunteer
working on his free time to do a job that require teams of especialists
working full time for years.

> IOW which languages do you consider have better support (in Emacs) than
> Lua, Julia, Ruby, Python, C++ 11+, or Rust?

Lisp, of course :-)

And, just to mention a modern language, Clojure. But that's cheating :-)

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