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Re: Is Elisp really that slow?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Is Elisp really that slow?
Date: Tue, 14 May 2019 15:21:54 +0200
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tomas wrote:

>> 1) Identify what is slow in Elisp.
>> 2) Rewrite it in C?
> 3) Write a regexp-to-assembler compiler.
> Bonus points if that runs on the GPU, using
> its SIMD features.

Please DIY Mr. Zerolo, personally I'd be happy
to try out translating Elisp into C.

I could start with some of my own Elisp,
I mean, I certainly have enough of it...

I know how to write C in general, but how does
one integrate it into Emacs?

Also, I suppose you just don't write the same
Elisp program, only this time in C, but instead
there are certain building blocks that should
correspond to certain things? Not all of it,
but to some extent?

The easiest way to understand this is probably
to see one Elisp defun, and then see the
C version, and then if there is a table
somewhere with the specific building blocks
and conventions all mentioned?

Or if there's a tutorial ~"How to become an
Emacs C programmer" for those who already know,
imperfectly of course but still, Elisp and C?

At this point I'm not talking about changing
actual Emacs, I just want to try it out for my
own purposes.

underground experts united

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