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`cl-find-if' and `cl-cadar' but no need to `require' CL

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: `cl-find-if' and `cl-cadar' but no need to `require' CL
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 04:30:49 +0200
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In the code I posted the other day [1] I use
`cl-find-if' and `cl-cadar' but when
I byte-compile the file there is no mention
I haven't `require'd cl-lib like I'm used to
whenever using cl-* stuff.

Don't you have to require cl-lib anymore?

Or is is just those to that are part of an
exception set? Or "sets", as they are not of
the same variety:


    cl-find-if is an autoloaded compiled Lisp
    function in ‘cl-seq.el’.

So you don't need to require that because it
is autoloaded?


    cl-cadar is a compiled Lisp function in

    (cl-cadar X)

    This function has a compiler macro

And you don't need to require that because it
has a compiler macro?

Only what does it mean it has a compiler macro
and what is that wierd notation convention with
a double dash and then two uppercase X?


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